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We are always looking for inspiration to redecorate our home. Each year, trends are changing. We need to think about the longevity of these changes. Redecorating your home is not for instance adding a new item to your wardrobe. It needs to last a few years without looking outdated. We can adjust this by adding a trending accessory to keep our interior trendy or go all the way and have a big revamp. This is where Truly Yummy Things comes in to bring you the latest trends and find solutions for your space.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces have become more and more popular over the years.  It is an extension of our home, in the summer months. We can relax, cook, entertain and spend more time with our family and friends. The choice of furniture is vast to make our patio, balcony comfortable and welcoming. It is good for the soul to seat outdoor where we take the time to enjoy nature.

Credit:, Designer: Stefano Marinaz


Bring nature inside if you do not have a garden. Houseplants and plants, in general, have taken over social media. They are part of the decor because they enhance the look of our house or our outside space. You can aim for a minimalistic, modern or contemporary look. The choice is yours.
Before buying a plant, you should learn how to look after it and you will end up with a beautiful specimen.
We have put together a manual for the most popular and “in trends” plants to help you look after them. You will enjoy them for many years to come, if you follow these easy steps.

Alocasia Care

Calathea Care

Peperomia Pilea Care

Monstera Deliciosa care

Fiddle Leaf Tree care


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