About Me

room displaying Designer Guild wallpaper called Foscary Fresco

I am French,  a mother of two with two Staffordshire Bull Terriers always on my heels. I lived in London for over 20 years. I have a passion for decoration, plants and I believe you don’t necessarily need to follow trends but instead invest in your interior which should reflect your own personality. Furthermore, I am a firm believer in recycling by giving a new life to old furniture with a lick of paint and that beautiful items do not have to cost the earth.
Often my friends turned to me when they were stuck in their quest to find their ideal items, and I was able to help them. Over the years, I have become quite savvy at searching the internet.  I came up with the idea of putting a website together to share my love of “yummy things” I would acquire for myself.
Truly Yummy Things is a sourcebook of home accessories, furniture, interior design and outdoor spaces which reflect my taste even if  I am not fixated on one particular style. It will also be a sourcebook on “how to look after houseplants and plants”.  After years of disasters and many dying plants, I realised that you need to know how to care for them before your final purchase. This has changed my house which is now full of healthy plants which compliment my interior.

I hope this site will inspire you when you are stuck in your hunt.

As Truly Yummy Things evolves, its content may change depending on what its audience prefers.

If you have any preferences or recommendations, please email me at trulyyummythings.co.uk.



Thank you