Lighting Trends 2021

Lighting Trends 2021

Lighting Trends 2021

Credit: Secto Design

10 Lighting Trends 2021

Lighting fixtures are not only a great way to light up your entire home, but they also help showcase your style. There are different ways to design your lighting, from experimenting with different materials to adding vivid colour details.
Mother earth is the inspiration for the 5 lightning trends of 2021. Let’s look at the lighting trends for this year.

eclectic living room

Credit Habitat

Number 1 trend: keeping the environment in mind

These trends have translated themselves by the use of natural materials (wood, bamboo, glass, cloth and paper imitation, metal…). Shapes are based more on natural forms such as branches, a drop of water…

chest drawer with inlay in a bedroom

Number 2 trend: Simple shapes

Minimalist style plays a big part in 2021 trends. Lightings are simple in shape, without unnecessary details. The colours are also inspired by mother earth.

fluted wall in a kitchen

Number 3: lighting as object d’art

If you fancy adding an eye catching detail to your interior, a chandelier is perfect for this purpose. The results can be punchy as long as if you keep it in balance with the rest of your the space. Even in a small space, you can choose an object d’art for your lighting.

bamboo metal table and rattan chestdrawer

Credit: Soho Home

Number 4: Rounded lamps

This trend is not new and it has remained in 2021. Depending on the area, it can be transparent, translucent or opaque. They can be used as night lights, full fledged chandelier, or waterfall lighting. You can match them with rounds bulbs which are more actively used recently. This echoes both respects for the environment and the simplicity of forms.

cermaic vases & a room with ceramic tiles

Credit: Soho Home

Number 5: Brass

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your interior, this is a great choice! This material is still very popular and it can be found in dressing tables, vases and, of course, in lamps. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your interior, this is a great choice!
Brass makes the space warmer and more comfortable. It looks noble and more interesting than the usual gold, silver, and common metal. A significant part of this trend also includes the combination of gold metal and monochrome colourful textures. This type of luminaire is particularly elegant and luxurious.

modern kitchen

Credit: Soho Home

Number 6: Geometric shapes

This trend has been around for some time. In fact, you can notice a lot of geometric elements and shapes in home decor trends in 2021.
Lightings with geometric shapes add a sense of structure and order to your interior, making it elegant and trendy.

material trends 2021

Credit: Soho Home

Number 7: Abstract shapes

Free-form lights add personality to your interior. They bring creativity and uniqueness to your home. The twisted lines and abstract shapes blend easily with simpler interior design elements and stand out in their background.

metal and Glass windonw

Number 8: Metallic Material

If you flip through any interior magazines, you will notice that many interior pieces include a soft metallic finish.
Whether it’s the edges of a coffee table or the stand of a light fixture, they contain some type of metallic element. This design component not only adds a feeling of elegance to the room, but it also makes it look much more expensive.

grey armchair with boucle fabric

Number 9 trend: Lighting with combined materials

Combining different materials and textures is one of the biggest trends right now. And light fixtures and other decor items are no exception.
This year you will see a lot of materials mixed together like wood and metal, steel and ceramic, and the list goes on. Add some fixtures like this and wow everyone if you want to do something creative with the lighting in your room.

grey armchair with boucle fabric

Number 10 trend: Industrial style lighting

Industrial lighting has been present for many years now, and it doesn’t seem out of date. In fact, it only gets better in the design of 2021 fixtures.
Simple geometric tubes, concrete, bold lines, a textured combination of wood and black metal adds an industrial-style fixtures that you will see over the year.

grey armchair with boucle fabric

Credit: nkuku

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