How to Style Your Interior

Consider light and colours

Firstly, pay attention to the light in your room. Does your interior receive a lot of natural light? Is it North or south facing? Depending on its orientation, the width of your window and the natural light you receive, the choice of colours varies. You need to paint your walls according to this. Your walls and your floor are an integral part of your decor, and give an atmosphere to your home. Consider which fabrics and colours you would like to use. Start with the main colour, usually on walls, a colour for curtains, blinds and last, a highlight for cushions and accessories.
Light plays an essential role in your interior. To create a nice atmosphere, it needs to be sufficient without being aggressive. It is important to have different types of lighting (directional, ambient…) to change the feel of your interior. You can use occasional lighting with additional lamps to create a corner in your room. Ambient lighting can create an intimate, studious or festive atmosphere.

modern dining area

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Style to choose

Choosing a theme to decorate your room is a good start, as it will help you to select your furniture and accessories and materials accordingly. Your choices are endless as there are many styles to choose from Nordic to industrial.
Secondly, you need to think of your main furnitures (eg: sofa) and different materials you want to incorporate. Remember, it is your home, don’t be afraid to use your judgment.

modern bedromm

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Create a mood board

A mood board will help you explore ideas and finalise your general style, mood, colours and the overall feel of your project. It is a great way to collect inspiration, set a tone for your project.
Collect samples, images, wallpaper, textures, cuttings of furniture that you might use. it will give you an idea of how they will sit together in a room. Once you have collected your favourite designs, you will have an idea of the look you want to achieve.

mood board

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