Benefits of Plants and Houseplants

monstera in a basket

Plants have become more and more popular recently. They have invaded social media. They are everywhere, in commercial spaces, shops, restaurants, hospital, and interiors. They are great accessories to style spaces and many interior designers use them to dress a room. You can opt for a Mediterranean, modern, Scandinavian style or else by having the right plant and planter indoor or outdoor.

Credit: DesignCurial

Plants have become more and more popular. They are everywhere, in social media, in commercial spaces, shops, restaurants, hospitals and in our homes. They have a therapeutic effects on us when we look after them.  They make us happy and proud when they grow big and beautiful.
Plants are additionally a great gift and they can mark any occasion: a birthday, the death of the loved one or even the birth of a child. My parents planted two cypresses in our garden when my brother and I were born to mark the occasion. It is a very Mediterranean thing to do. They are still standing big and tall.

What are the benefits of houseplants?

Plants add colours and loveliness to our space, and they also change the physical aspects of our environment in pleasant ways. They can also do wonder for your mental health. A study conducted in 1996 where plants were added to a windowless workplace, has shown that participants were 12% more productive, more attentive and less stressed. Similar studies have concluded the same results. Nasa released a study in 1980 showing that plants can purify the air, however, you need to have lots of plants grouped together to achieve this.
Houseplants are good accessories for your decor, they can dramatically change the feel of your space. You could, for example, use them as a division in your room or a focus point. Pilea plants, for instance, have a modern look and go very well with a Scandinavian style interior. A large cactus matches a modern Californian style. A Ficus macrocarpa gives you a modern look with an Asian touch when planted in a complimenting pot. They are a great addition to any space to boost our mood and bring a touch of nature inside. 

What are the benefits of a garden?

We love our gardens in England. We can put our hands on lots of different varieties of plants which can sustain English weather. Nowadays, having a garden is a privilege, especially during a lockdown, and looking after it has many benefits too. Spending time outside makes us absorb vitamin D which is essential for our body by strengthening our bones and our immune system. It also improves our hand strength by digging, planting, and pulling weeds. Doctor have found that exercise improves cognitive functioning of the brain. Gardening is starting to show that even it is not as strenuous as running, it still has beneficial effects.  It is common practice in nursing homes to encourage residents to do some light gardening to keep them alert and happier. 
People owning a garden have the opportunities to relax, enjoy their space which boost their mood and make them happy. It reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. We can gather with family and friends which brings us happiness, and it is stress relief. We can also if we have enough space, grow our own food with a vegetable patch.
Our garden can become a little paradise with the addition of plants, we can enjoy flowers all year round if we choose our plants carefully.
Gardens can be an extension of our house in the summer months. They become our sitting room/kitchen if the weather permits with sofas and table surrounded by lovely plants of our choice.