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Credit: Vie Studio via Pexels


tikamoon makesbeautiful crafted products and we love with  their philosophy:

Looking after people where “they actively forge relationships with their employees, associated creators and customers that are based on listening, sharing and mutual support.”
Respecting the planet “by minimising the impact of their production and transportation and to maximise the lifespan of their products.” They launched a sustainable development plant with the support of the WWP and the FSC©.
Product authenticity come directly from the workshops of their associated creators in Asia and Europe to guarantee the authenticity of their products and the fairest prices.

We encourage you to visit their shop at

Truly Yummy Things

Truly Yummy Things

Welcome! Truly Yummy Things is an interiors, outdoor living blog and sourcebook of truly beautiful things to inspire you for your home and garden.
It is also a sourcebook for houseplants and outdoor plants with a manual to keep them beautiful for many years to come.
I am a firm believer in recycling old furniture and sustainable products for your home. I like to think that truly beautiful things in our home has the power to improve our mood and make us smile without always spending a fortune.