Decor Trends

a trending room with plants

We are always looking for inspiration to redecorate our home. Each year, trends are changing. We need to think about the longevity of these changes we want to make. Redecorating our home is nothing like buying a new jumper. It needs to last a few years. We can fix this by adding some trending accessories to keep our home decor updated.
In recent years, we have been living in a world where everything has become customisable, from the decoration of our house and the choice of accessories we choose.
By creating an environment which makes us feel at home, the decoration of our interior becomes a reflection of our personality. Therefore, the best way to make our interior ours, is to decorate it according to our tastes, desires and decorative style. Also, the decoration of our interior will be different according to each of us. Even though our styles are alike, we all have our little preferences.
We are influenced by new trends every year, but we should not get lost and find what suits us best. There are many styles to choose from, but where do we start? We have to choose what we like and what works in our home, in terms of light, style, colours…

Which trend to choose from?


There are many trends to choose from, from a contemporary to an industrial style, French to Scandinavian style and more… It is worth taking time to study your interior style before making decisions regarding your interior. It needs to be right the first time as it will save money in the long run. The amount of choice of trends is overwhelming sometimes. There are a few rules to follow to help you choose your new trending decor :

1. Find the colours, patterns you always turn to year after year
2. Do you prefer comfortable furniture or more design but not so comfortable?
3. Which room in your home do you prefer, and why does it appeal to you? Is it the style, the light, the tone and colour scheme or the overall vibe?
4. Get inspired with ideas to narrow down your design style
5. Ask yourself if you want a total revamp with a new style or just update your space.

Once we have a better understanding of what we want, the next step is to find inspiration in decor magazines, Pinterest and Instagram. Find the design/style you like most and design a mood board in PowerPoint or do a collage. Now, you have pinned down the chosen trend you like most, picture your room and imagine yourself living with it. Don’t be mistaken by hasty decisions as they can be costly. And remember, your home is your soul, it should reflect your personality.

Credit: dimitry-zvolskiy-element-digital-pexels

Which trending accessories?


As I explained in the interiors section, making a mood board gives us an idea of what we want to achieve. Studying the style of our home is important before deciding which route we want to take. For those who are considering a change of decor, getting rid of all the old decorative items first makes it easier to visualise a new style. If necessary, even take snapshots of the present design and adapt the image to the future decor.
Generally, it’s not at all complicated to find the best accessories if we already have a style in mind, but the concern often lies in the adaptation of the objects with the configuration and colours of our home.
It is not always mandatory to buy new items when it comes to changing decor. It is also possible to recycle old furniture or accessories to give a new trending look, and can save money which can be used on a more expensive item.